Specialty Show Chair
Linda Berberich vomviraus@aol.com | vomviraus@outlook.com | 201-906-4801

Assistant Show
Chair Katie Maess ktm@embarqmail.com

We are currently seeking a volunteer to serve as Trophy Chair and a volunteer to organize the Awards Banquet for the 2016 National Specialty, and they welcome  volunteers in all aspects of the show. Please contact Linda or Katie with any questions or to volunteer.



Agility Chair - Elaine Swancer: rottyden@verizon.net

Agility Trial Secretary - Cyndi Kepner: ckrotteez@verizon.net - www.scoresnmore.com

Annual Meeting/Awards Dinner -  Jane Dyar: rott4u2@gmail.com

ARC Sieger Show - Leslie A. Fried: lafriednj@comcast

Carting Chair - Dr. Tommy Caisango : DrTom13@aol.com

Carting Secretary -

Catalog Ads - Wendy Amos

CGC/ATTS Test - Jill Kessler: Jillkessler@me.com

Chief Ring Steward -  Dr. Tommy Caisango : DrTom13@aol.com

Decorations-CRC: Denise Gross: ddgcrc@gmail.com

Herding Trial Chair - CRC - Dee Lehman: indigomoonrotts@comcast.net

Herding Secretary -  A. Apostoli: delbayherding@gmail.com

Judges Study Group - Sue Catlin mrs.happylegs@mindspring.com

Meet & Greet & CRC Fun night combined - CRC fun night-Dr. Tommy: DrTom13@aol.com

Rainbow Bridge -

Obedience & Rally Chair - Jodi LaBombard: terry.jodi@gmail.com

On-Site Show Secretary - Shannon McCracken: petkyn@gmail.com

National Treasurer - Nancy Stafford: staffordarcboard@comcast.net

Parade of Titleholders -  Charlene Olin: CharleOlin@sbcglobal.net 916-370-1725

Photographer-John Ashbey & daughter

Premium & Super-BaRay Event Services: dogshows@barayevents.com

Rescue Parade - Dr. Tommy: DrTom13@aol.com &
Charlene Olin: CharleOlin@sbcglobal.net

Ringside Photographer-CRC: Terri Keiffer

Rosettes & Ribbons-Jill Kessler: Jillkessler@me.com

Rottweiler Triathlon - Rose Lehn: roselehn@msn.com

RV Reservations - CRC Jodi LaBombard: terry.jodi@gmail.com

Top Dog Evening - Katie Maess: ktm@embarqmail.com

Top Twenty - Janet Feltcher: januk@windstream.net

Tracking Chair & Secretary - Katie Maess: ktm@embarqmail.com

Trophies - Jill Kessler: Jillkessler@me.com

Vendors - CRC Deb Haldeman: 3dognite@embarqmail.com

Ways & Means: ARC Board of directors

Website - Wendy Amos

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
2016 ARC National Specialty
& 7th Annual National Sieger Show
May 6 - May 15, 2016
2016 ARC National